Genomics, Evolution and Medicine

Oct 2014: NHLI Bring Your Child to Work Day

Group work with children in the ‘Reach out lab’ at South Kensington to introduce concept of using morphology and DNA to reconstruct the animal phylogeny.


July 2014: The Great Regeneration Quest

Public talk at Imperials Heart and Lung Repair workshop in the Hammersmith mall.


Oct 2013: GrrlGuiding Science

An initiative set up to introduce various scientific research disciplines to a group of 10 year old girls. I took three groups each for a 45 minute session and introduced the concept of a phylogeny and decent through natural selection.


May 2013: Imperial Festival, On the Mend.

I assisted with the ‘cell pet activity’, which allowed children interact with pipettes and flasks, demonstrating the care needed in looking after cells.


Nov 2012: Tree Thinking and its Application in the Field of Evolutionary Medicine.

This talk was given during Science Week in Dublin at TOG.


Mar 2012: Science, The Day Job

Knowledge Exchange talk series at the Exchange Dublin.


Oct 2011: Life and Evolution

Knowledge Exchange talk series, Exchange Dublin.









"Wisdom comes from experience.

Experience is often a result of lack of wisdom".


Terry Pratchet

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